On Sunday

Lay Reader

A lay reader is one who redirects the congregation's focus to God through the reading of scripture and praying in church.  The only requirements are a willing spirit and the ability to read out loud.

As a lay reader you will be asked to read the scriptures, lead the prayers of the people or help distribute communion.

For more information contact Susan Cantey.


Ushers capture the Levitical priests’ sense of solemn glory. As we enter our churches, many of us are greeted by your gracious, restrained smiles, inviting us in to enjoy the hospitality of the Lord’s house.  Much as our welcoming Lord makes space within his family for the broken, the hasty, and the sinful, the usher ensures space in the pews for all.

For more information contact Harry Logan. 


 As an acolyte, you will be joining the ranks of those who have helped with the worship service since the year 250 A.D.
Acolytes keep the worship services running smoothly.  As an acolyte, you assist the worship leaders and the congregation in worship. You will be in front of the congregation most of the time setting an example for others.  You are called to be flexible, so that you can be called upon at any time to do something that needs to be done.

For more information contact Michelle Matney.

Children's Chapel

Children's Chapel (during the 11am service) at St. John's is a time for our youngest members (3K-3rd grade) to be spiritually fed and worship together during the Sunday service time. They gather with their leaders in our downstairs classroom and hear a Bible story, participate in a discussion and an activity.

We will be using the Heart's Alive curriculum. This tool provides leaders with a Bible story to read, discussion questions and activities to get the kids thinking about what they have heard, all while following the liturgical calendar. 

For more information contact Charlotte Smith.

In The Community

Help 4 Kids

Hunger Hurts

Each week hundreds of children come to school on Monday morning hungry , irritable and not ready to learn because they had no food on the weekend while they were home. Help 4 Kids Florence is a program that supplies food packs to elementary schools in Florence County. Each Friday children at risk of being hungry get sent home with their backback full of food items for the weekend, providing them food for Saturday and Sunday. Our goal is that these children return to school on Monday rested, fed, and ready to learn.


East Florence Mission

People of all ages participate in the various programs but the ministry mainly reaches young people. We believe the only way to help them is to present the Gospel message, pray that they will have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ, meet physical needs when necessary and possible, build trust relationships through real love and concern, counsel them according to Biblical principles and offer them strong educational opportunities.

During the school year we have meetings during the week. Tuesdays at 5pm we offer activites and supper, followed by Bible Study at the Center.
Summer camp runs for 6 weeks from the middle of June. About 75-80 young people of all ages attend. Again, there is Bible Study, plus swimming, remedial work and various activites. We are involved in home visitations, counseling, special out of town trips, overnights at the YMCA, bowling, camping, aid to college students, response to youth with problems, and Bible Studies.


House of Hope

Our purpose is to serve and glorify God through a Christ-centered outreach of love and compassion that responds to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of homeless men, women and their children without regard to their race, color, or social standing.

We hope you’ll join us in our mission to see lives change, over time, right before our eyes! We seek this tangible transformation through structured programs that focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, life management, and recovery from substance abuse.


In The Church

Altar Guild


The Altar Guild ministry is one of care and attention to detail. Their work is often behind the scenes — the kind of work that can go unnoticed because it’s making everything run so smoothly. You may never have even heard of the Altar Guild, or not know what they do. To explain it briefly, the Guild cares for the altar, vestments (the robes worn by the clergy), Eucharistic vessels, linens, and flowers. These physical items all have deep spiritual meanings.

On Sunday mornings, they prepare the respective altars for each service. They are setting the stage for the celebration to begin. The Gospel Book, cruets of wine and water, the paten with the bread, the chalice and its finery—all are placed as decreed.

The Altar Guild is not just for women or singles. Everyone is welcome to join. If this is something that you would like to be part of, please contact the church office.

Youth Group

Volunteering with the youth ministry at St. John’s can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Coming alongside a young person and helping them navigate the confusing world of adolescence is both rewarding and challenging. Adults and senior high students alike are trained and encouraged to grow in their knowledge and faith in the unchanging word of God as they face this rapidly changing culture.

Giving of your time in this way pays dividends in many great ways. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Charlotte Smith at the parish office (662-5585) or csmith@stjohnsflorence.org.

Men's Ministry


As Christians, it is becoming increasingly easier to recognize that the culture is a war with us. We often forget that we are deeply entrenched in a spiritual battle. We are called to be soldiers for Christ, fighting the good fight while giving a defense for the hope that is within us. Well, everyday it seems that there is some new way in which humans seek to undermine God's purpose and word in this world. The battlefield has seemed to move to the cultural front and is increasingly affecting the youngest among us, vying for our hearts as well as our minds. All the while we have become America of WWII trying to stick out head in the sand while million are persecuted by the Nazis. We have forgone our duty as men, as fathers, as the spiritual heads, and soldiers for Christ. Well the time for nonintervention has long passed. The kingdom is in need of soldiers, and not just soldiers, but generals.

While above might be a bit melodramatic, we are engaged in spiritual warfare, and John and I want you as brothers-in-arms in the men's ministry campaign.
Contact John Carter Ellington or the church office to join the battle.

Women's Ministry


Ladies of St. John’s welcome newcomers and new babies.  We send holiday remembrances to college students, visit shut-ins, and provide meals for the sick and bereaved.

Major fundraising events of recent years include a salad supper,  a luncheon and fashion show, and an oyster roast.  

The women of St. John’s continue to support the parish mission statement, “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known,” by providing care, fellowship, and funds to our diocese, community, and church.

Contact the church office for more information.